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To those that travel to cons...

What: Gaming and Anime Convention - VTYME 2006

When: July 22nd and 23rd

Where: George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MS 5A3
Fairfax, VA 22030

Web site:

We'll be doing gaming, gaming tournaments, anime viewing, AMVs, cosplay contest/pageant (with prizes), dealers, vendors, artists alley and more! If you would like to send in AMVs for the AMV screening, be a dealer/vendor, have a table in the artist alley or volunteer, please email one of the following:,, or

Thank You

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too bad none of their links work. :/
The url works. The others are email addresses.
Yeah duh. I mean the links on the actual site. I just keep getting the "error" message.
Ah. The site owner is in the process of changing servers. I was waiting to promo the con until that was fixed. Then I figured, I should promote now so that people know about it vs someone bitching that everything was so last minute (as if it's not as it is).
How can it be "new" if this is it's third year?
How can it be any good if the people involved are involved?
New because they usually only do gaming tourneys. Gaming and Anime con for them is "new"
That really pushing the definition of "new." Especially when the name of the con HAS the 3 in it. You really should say something like "Gaming con now features anime!" or some such. Because it's definitely not "new."
If it concerns you so much, feel free to email and tell them to change their website for you.
Except that it's not their name that's annoying. It's your advertising campaign. And yes, it's YOUR campaign since you're the one spamming my LJ friends list with it.
Can I steal a couple of your LJ icons? They fucking rule.
Go for it. All the credits should be in the comments part.
Haven't you learned by now that no one gives a shit about these events?
ahaha no
Then I rest in my opinion of your idiocy.
I thought you'd figure it out as well that I don't care about what you think.
Whoa multiple LJ accounts. So suave!
IF anyone has any questions or concerns, direct them to

(bitching here will get you no where)

it'll get us plenty of fucking comedy wtf do the links try to hit ANOTHER site and then go back to displaying the original site? Changing servers is one thing, but if you can't freaking do simple copies....maybe you should think about hiring a pro to do it. I'll only charge you 45 an hour to get your shit set up right.